Foldable Screen Phones – A new ERA begins #List of All Foldable phones.

List of Foldable Screen phones

Foldable screen phones will be the next big thing. Folding AMOLED and screen was all started by Samsung.

Samsung has been in lead since the introduction of foldable-screen phones. But it looks like everyone wants to race with Samsung.

With the launch of the new Motorola Foldable Razor phone, we can expect foldable-screen phones will soon become a competition.

I will be listing all the foldable phones in this page. Make sure to subscribe for free and don’t miss the updates regarding the new foldable phone screen.

List of all Foldable Screen Phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
  2. Oppo Foldable phone ( not official)
  3. Motorola Razar (My favorite)
  4. LG Dual (Actually Dual Screen)
  5. Mix Flex from Xiaomi
  6. Microsoft Surface Duo
  7. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Series
  8. Huawei Mate X series
  9. LG G8X ThinQ
  10. Royale Flexpai

List will be updated as per the new releases.

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