Best online money making ideas without investment

online money making ideas

Want to earn online? Here are the best online money making ideas without investment.

Ahhh! I know you hate investment. Because you don’t want to invest a single penny on something which you don’t know.

There was a time when people used to fear from online scams. I remember my friends suggested me to not buy things online. They send empty boxes. You will lose your money.

Well, this is not a case today. The online industry is very very large and much more reliable today.

Ahm! I know you will think I have not convinced you to do some investment.

Look, Let me give you a statement, I won’t ask about any kind of statement at all.

Now, all you will read will Best online money making ideas without investment in India.

Ohk, simple thing first.

Non-relavent readers, please stop reading further after reading the next 3 lines.

  1. Making money while writing. First day $2/day – 1 month later – $20 per/day
  2. Making money with facebook, twitter, Pinterest – anywhere from $10 – at least $100 or more.
  3. Making money with Youtube ( You will need your phone, your earphone, don’t you have)

Ohk, there are three ideas to earn online without investment.

  1. Writing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Video Making

Are you skilled in any one of these?

See, I know you are looking for online money making ideas without any investment. But, what is your current situation?

Are you working somewhere, or going school, or simply sitting in the home doing nothing.

Well, there are lots and lots of online money making ideas. Some will give you instant results, and some will give you very long-lasting but full-proof results.

For example.

Online money making ideas with instant results – Includes investment

  • Trading
  • Gambling sites

Online money making ideas with long last effect and results – includes very little investment

  • Setting up a blog and writing
  • YouTube Videos making
  • Website/Domain flipping
  • Technical freelancer – this one is free
  • Any many .. I will make a list of all possible ideas to earn money online later.

Now, let’s focus on how you earn some bucks without investment.

Best online money making ideas without investment – Earn money by writing.

You – Wait, what? Do I have to write content?

Me -Yes, what is the problem? Don’t you know writing?

You – But I am not having knowledge about everything? How I can write the content?

Me – Well, there is something called as copywriting?

You don’t know what is copywriting?

Well, copywriting is referring to other content/articles, Understanding it. After understanding it you can write it in your own words.

Me – Now, can you do this?

You – Yeah, I can try but how will I know what to write? and how I will get paid. How much I earn?

Here, you go.

Earn online money without investment using iWriter.

What is iWriter? How you can make money with iWriter?

See, iWriter is solely made for writers.

There are two parties in iWriter. One who needs content, and one who writes content.

The one who needs the content will give the post a topic. Along with the topic, they will post the budget for that article. You have to select that article. Then you have to write an article about that post.

It will be reviewed within 2-5 hrs and you will get your money.

You can transfer your money to your PayPal account.

For example, I will need some articles about the top 10 smartphones in India.

I will go to iWriter, I will post one topic and I will mention the details. Details will contain the following

  1. the topic of the article
  2. How much words to be written
  3. Budget or price for that article

Once you select the article you will be having 4-5 hrs of time. You can research the article and then write about it.

If you selected some articles and not able to complete it then? Then that article will be moved away from you. Now that will be available for others to write about.

After each successful delivery of the article. Mutual rating will take place.

You have to rate that person who given you article lets say (boss). And then the boss will rate you

rating will be from 1 to 5.

Rating will tell you how skilled writer you are at least on iWriter.

There are three levels in iWriter.

  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Elite

Articles are also posted according to category. Few articles will be available to be written by standard writers. Other articles will be there for Premium writer only. and few articles will be there for Eliter writer only.

How to be a premium writer?

By default, you will be a standard writer. if you able to get 25 ratings with an average of 4.5 then you will be a premium writer

If you will get 50 ratings with 4.5 you will be an elite writer.

what is the advantage of being premium, and elite writer?


If the article is posted with the requirement of 300 words.

A standard writer will get may be$1.5

but for same length, a premium write may get $5-10

and Eliter writer may get $25-30

So, as your level increases, you will be get paid more.

Hence it won’t require any kind of investment.

Did you like this online money making idea without investment?

Yes, everything on iWriter is free. You can earn a lot if you are ready to write high-quality article.

Make money online by Affiliate marketing – With zero investment

You know what, It’s not hard! Affiliate Marketing is the simplest way to earn money without any investment.

To be more specific, If you have any social media account without more than average followers, and your audience engages with you better as well. Then affiliate marketing is good for you.

For example, you have a good knowledge of gadgets and electronics stuff. On social media, you post a lot about them. You can earn money for product promotion.

Simply sign up for Amazon affiliate, search for the product, get the promotional link, and share that on social media.

How much you can ear with Affiliate Marketing?

There is a huge potential in affiliate marketing. It’s up to and your specialty. Few people love to share beauty tips, Many have interest in handmade gifts, clothing, mobiles and many more.

They teach people and build a loyal audience. Finally, they recommend people to purchase the product as well. Be legit with your audience.

Don’t recommend any product only for benefits. If you recommend a useful product your audience will love to buy more.

All you need is a handful of returning customers. They will take care of your earning.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way of earning money online in India.

Affiliate Marketing + Blogging = Free income online without investment

Bored with blogging? read this and again come back to the blogging world.

Ohh, you are not popular on social media!! No worries. Create a niche website. Sell only a specific product.

Sooner I will be posting how-to make niche website. Meanwhile, you can google for more about niche content and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves no investment at all. You only have to be good with your audience. Building an audience is the key here.

Make sure you are excellent with your content or work promotion online.

In affiliate marketing, you can earn from 2% to 30% of bonus per sale.

DoesYoutube falls under best online money making ideas without investment

Did you miss the train in 2016-17 when everyone was creating their youtube channel?

It is not too late. When the internet revolution came to India in 2016. Many people were connected to the internet.

If you are thinking that now everyone has 1 million channels, and who will watch your video, then you are wrong.

Earning with youtube – Potential in India

India is a huge market.

With each passing day, our audience will increase. there is Huge potential in online marketing in Indian.

YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online without investment in India.

Well, the investment part is controversial here. You will say you need a camera, microphone and expensive setup.

Nope! It’s not true at all. You just need knowledge about the topic or content.

I have seen people give tech info or making tech guides on mobile with the screen recording.

They recording the screen and audio with earphones. They make useful content and the audience also love them.

How to make youtube Guide easily?

How to take back up in WhatsApp? Now tell me how to make a guide for this question? Did you require any setup to make this guide?


If you know how to take a backup of WhatsApp in google drive, then it’s easy. Just open your screen recorder, attach your earphone, start talking and start telling the steps.

Edit them using the inbuilt editor or any video editor online.

There are many channels who are following this process. they build an audience and teach people.

If you will start earning from youtube, then you can invest in other things.

But it is possible to earn online on youtube.

Writing vs Video making (Blogging vs Vlogging)

As compare to blogging and website, you will get more visitors on youtube.

Your content will be having more visibility potential. Generally, if you are consistent and useful then your youtube channel can grow faster.

There is an endless list of money-making ideas online.

But I have provided the Best online money making ideas without investment.

Sooner I will be listing all the possible ideas to make money online.

Some include investment and some are without investment.

So, don’t miss any further update.

If you want to know about any specific ideas or have any questions. Please comment below, I will be happy to solve your queries.

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