Blogging Support – New Youtube Channel

Blogging support Youtube Channel

Hi All,

This is a quick post informing you all that, I have created one new YouTube Channel for beginners in blogging.

You can read more about it here.

Snippet from blogging support about section

I appreciate that you wanted to know about us. Blogging Support youtube channel is created to help ESPECIALLY new bloggers. Setting up our own blog and facing all the technical issues is not an easy job. Many times we get stuck at very basic things and start searching for answers. With blogging support, I am trying to answer those questions. This channel is primarily focused on technical help related to blogging journey. Earning Ideas, making blogging as a career, and other motivation things will be added later here. My primary focus is to guide those blog making process. Additionally, challenges faced by new bloggers or website creators. I have been with WordPress and blogger for quite some now. If you want to know more about me head on to (Resumed after years) Which kind of video you can expect here? Choosing and purchasing webhosting, buying domain name, creating blog, installing WordPress, Optimizing WordPress and beginners guide for SEO. Hence Stay Tuned !!

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– MrBhim

Thank You.