How to Make old PC fast: 400% faster with this Cheap update

How to Make old PC fast

Which is the cheapest upgrade to make old pc faster? CPU, RAM, OR Hard drive?

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Why your PC / Laptop Slows Down?

So here is the case. You bought your pc/laptop years ago. Now they became slow over the years. You are not able to use it properly because it hangs everytime. So, How to Make old PC fast?

See, There are many software techniques which may help you. But at some point it won’t work. No matter how you optimize your system it will run slow.

That is because of aging hardware. Yes, It is a fact. Your hardware slows down with time.

Now the question is which component can be upgraded? and without costing too much.

Which component is best to upgrade?

Well, if you plan to upgrade the CPU. It will cost you more. If you using DDR3 RAM than upgrade to DDR4 might give a boost.

But Over the the time RAM speed won’t get affected in large extent.

Now what is remaining?

Its is Hard disk. See, on the motherboard HDD is the only moving part which directly influence the speed of PC.

Over the time HDD slows down. The Maximum Read Write speed can be achieved is only 100 MBPS.

Time affects the HDD performance a lot. Hard drive one of the most important component in pc.

It saves all the information, files folder and data. To run your os, to run your program, the files which are required are saved in your hard drive.

Your hard drive should be fast enough to provide the data instantly.

Well for this purpose SSD can be the best option.

What is SSD.

SSD is the solid state drive. It is used a storage device. SSD has the very fast read/write speed from 500MBPS to 3500 MBPS.

Opposite to HDD, there is no moving parts present in SSD. And this increases the speed and lifespan of SSD.

How SSD can increase your pc speed?

Well, First you need to install your OS on SSD. As you complete this you will see new life in your old pc.

Your processor is fast, your RAM is fast but hard drive doesn’t match the performance of these.

Hence the overall system performance goes down. But due to fast speed of SSD, It serves the data fast to the request made by processor.

Your program will load faster. Your copy paste speed will increase. You will be able to play larger files without lag.

If you are running out of ram then paging on SSD will help you.

What is paging?

When RAM gets full, OS creates the virtual memory on Storage devices like Hard Drive or SSD. In this case certain portion of the HDD or SSD act like RAM.

How SDD is better for paging.

RAM is much faster (DDR3: 12GBPs/ DDR4 25 GBPs). When HDD act like virtual memory, it can process the data at only 100MBPs Maximum.

But the Same task done on SSD can Go upto 3GBPs.

Hence paging on SSD is much much faster, due to this sometimes lower RAM can be managed by SSD. But upgrading the RAM itself can be much better option.

Watch The Video Below for SSD Speed Comparison

Type of SSD.

SSD are of 3 Type.

Usually SSD are the same but they way they are connected into the system makes the difference in speed.

  1. SSD with SATA Connection
  2. NVMe SSD with M.2
  3. NVMe PCIe Express SSD

1) SSD with SATA.

You might be knowing the SATA cable. They have the theoratical limit of 6Gbps or 760 MBPs.

SSD can perform much faster. but when SSD were introduced SATA was the standard.

So SSD with SATA port gives you about 500MBPs read and 250-300 MBPs write Speed.

It is comparitivly cheaper. and comes in 128GB/250GB/480GB/1TB or 2TB.

Biggest Price Drop for 240GB Version (40%off)

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2) NVMe SSD with m.2

m.2 is the port on motherboard which can be used to connect the more faster NVMe SSD’s.

NVMe SSD is much smaller and super lightweight. They can be installed into laptop and desktop.

If your mother board is having the m.2 port, you can directly connect the NVMe SSD.

If you Laptop is not having M.2 port then you need adapter. Adapter will be connected to PCIe port of your motherboard. Then you can connect your SSD to Adapter since it will have m.2 port in it.

NVMe SSD will give you 1200MBPs read speed and 750 MBPs write speed.

Well if you opt for Samsung EVO NVMe SSD, then they will give upto 3500 MBPs. They are bit expensive and generally fit well with high end system.

Putting SATA SSD or SSD with m.2 is best option.

Samsung EVO 970 is trending in NVMe SSD’s with Huge discount!!

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3) NVMe PCIe Express SSD .

The NVMe SSD which directly goes into PCIe slot is the fasted type of the SSD.

It is fairly expensive but boosts the system performance at next level.

You can see below tutorial on how to install SSD into your pc.

So using SSD you can make old pc faster. Your budget won’t we affected, and you will see new life in your aging desktop /laptop.


So if you want to do make your pc faster, with single meaningful upgrade- Then Go with SSD.

Among all the SSD’s Sata based SSD are low cost and also given upto the mark performance.

So this is how to make old pc fast with 400%. throw an SSD and get the job done..

or is there any other meaningful update can be done? let me know below in the comments.

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