What to do after buying Domain name and hosting from GoDaddy

What to do after buying Domain Name

Thinking about making a website, but what to do after buying domain name and hosting?

This guide will explain you following.

  1. What to do after buying a domain name
  2. How to host a website after buying domain
  3. How to set up a website after buying domain
  4. How to Build a website after buying domain in readymade platforms
    • How to create a website after buying a domain in WordPress
    • How to create a website after purchasing domain in Joomla
    • How to create website after buying domain without any cms
  5. How to make a website after buying a domain in WordPress – Part 1
    • Theme Selection
    • Https secured
    • Widget Installation
    • Performance management
    • Categories Creation
    • Posts planning
    • Backup WordPress
    • Email subscriptions
    • Social Sharing options
    • favicon creation
  6. FAQ’s on What to do after buying Domain name

1: What to do after purchasing domain name

As you have bought the domain name there are a lot of actions you have to do.

If you have already decided which kind of website you have to make than you can skip.

What to do after registering a domain – Get organized.

First, take a notepad and write down all the related information such as your domain registrar, user details, login details, expiry date, coupon code used, Money spent.

Make sure you have bookmarked your domain registrar so that you don’t have to navigate again and again.

For what purpose you bought the domain.

Generally, people buy a domain names for making their website. Do you know that you can purchase and sell the domain name and earn a profit?

Well if you are planning to make your own blog then you have to Host it online.

For hosting your website you need to purchase a webhosting plan.

If you are based on India, then you should check out this hostgator India review (2020). Hostgator is a world-leading WebHost with a comparatively cheap price.

3: How to host a website after buying domain

Hosting a website required a WebHost. Web hosts are nothing but traditional computers that are connected to online 24*7. Generally, it is not possible for a traditional computer to run 24*7 with high performance. To solve this many companies like the hostgator, Bluehost setup their server.

Those servers has high configuration and they have back up and they run 24*7 efficiently.

If you want a good performing website you have to purchase a webhosting.

How does web hosting work in simple terms?

You will create your website and upload it on WebHost. Web hosts has something called as Nameservers.

If you open your WebHost Cpanel, you will see the nameserver of your WebHost. Copy that nameserver and paste it in your domain registrar.

This way when someone will type your domain in the browser, it will be directed to your webhosting. Webhost will show your website to your users.

3: How to set up a website after buying a domain in your WebHost

Assuming, now you have both domain name and webhosting, So what to do after buying a domain and hosting

First thing first. You have to set up a website on your WebHost.

How to set up your website on your WebHost?

Well, it all depends on the type of website you want to create. In a general trend, people nowadays tend to create blogs or websites with ready-made templates.

You can create your website using WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, WIX and many more.

Generally, WordPress and Joomla are the best CMS (Content Management System)

You don’t have to do anything like designing or coding. In CMS everything is ready-made. You only have to install these software to your WebHost.

Generally, WIX and Weebly won’t work with your webhosting because they have their own web hosts.

Well, there are many limitations in WIX and Weebly as compare to WordPress.

Hence I will be focusing much on WordPress.

If you don’t want to spend money on web hosts, then you can work with free webhosting as well.

000webhost is the popular free web host, you don’t require any domain names to work with 000webhost.

Generally, 000webhost provide their own domain name extension. You can also fully independent domain names. See, if you are buying domain name then make sure either it is GoDaddy, bigrock or name cheap, but not 000webhost.

Although 000webhost is free. but I won’t recommend it.

And by any chance, you don’t want to manage hosting and stuff. Better go with Weebly or WIX.

But once you will use wordpress you won’t see back again.

4: Now how to build a website after buying domain in readymade platforms

In Weebly or WIX. You have to create a website on your own.

Here is the catch, Although you will be creating your website on your own but you don’t require coding knowledge while working with Weebly or WIX.

You only have to drag and drop. Website creation is so simple with Wix. WIX is the premium service whereas Weebly is free.

But on top of all WordPress and Joomla are the best online CMS.

How to create a website after buying a domain in WORDPRESS

As suggested earlier, creating a website with WordPress in easier than making your dinner.

All you have to press in one button in your webhosting “Install”. After WordPress installation, all you have to do is customizing according to yourself.

If you are not satisfied with your design/ theme of WordPress, then you can choose from thousands of themes for free.

WordPress has a huge repository of free themes. Its has a theme related to each and every category. Food, Fashion, News, eCommerce, photography and many more.

Hence WordPress is the best option to create your website.

Joomla & Drupal – How to create a website after purchasing domain in Joomla

Joomla is the same as WordPress. I found Joomla a bit complicated to use. As I have been in WordPress since starting, I have didn’t used Joomla much.

If we compare Joomla with WordPress then WordPress is more popular then Joomla.

Joomla and Drupal both are competing with WordPress. Bytheway WordPress has no match.

If you are into content posting then you should go with WordPress.

Even though if you want to create a website with Joomla then follow the next steps.

You can install Joomla from your webhosting. Once it gets installed you can log in to your next Joomla website.

I will give you a link to how to work on Joomla and drupal. Mostly I will recommend WordPress than Joomla or drupal.

No CMS- How to create website after buying domain without any cms

It means you are a coder and need to make your custom website. Well if you want to make your own website without using third party programs then also it is not hard to do it.

You only have to make your website in your local server in your computer.

  1. Just create a basic HTML website. Put all your files in one folder.
  2. Login to your cpanel of your WebHost.
  3. Go to the file manager.
  4. Navigate to the public directory / public folder.
  5. And upload all the content of your website in this folder.

Well, this is a different process and I will create more specific post about it later.

Don’t want to do coding and want to get your website live in seconds?

let’s learn about WordPress in deep.

5: How to make a website after buying a domain in WordPress – Part 1

Below is the checklist of things to do after buying a domain and hosting.

Theme Selection

Select the appropriate theme. The theme should not be messy. If you want to keep simple I will recommend the JustRead theme for WordPress.

Be little creative with theme selection. Although WordPress offers almost hundreds of free themes, there are many places where you can purchase a paid themes.

If you like a theme, but it is costly, Never find for its alternative. Fes sites sell themes loaded with backlinks. Also, they try to duplicate like the original theme but with very fewer functionalities.

In general terms you should not buy a pireated theme for your website. As I have suggest you can choose lot of themes from the WordPress itself.

Https secured

Not body loves an insecure website. Secure your website using SSL certificates. Generally adding SSL certificates to your website costs you money.

I will explain to you how to make a free SSL certificate.

What will happen if you don’t secure your website? See, there are chances that your website is hacked.

If you implement security in your website, the connection between your website and your reader will be secured.

Hackers won’t be able to interpret the information as the line will be secured.

Google also prefers your secured website more than a nonsecured website.

Plugins Installation

You have to install the necessary plugins for more functionality. For example, you have to block spam comments on your website. To block them use Akismet plugin. For faster performance, you should install the w3 total cache plugin.

Like this, there are 10 essential plugins which you need to install.

Performance management:

  1. After loading your WordPress with plugins you may encounter some slowness. Here is a tool that will check your website speed. You can enter the domain name that you have registered. Check the speed score of your website. If it is above 80 then it is good. Pagespeed of my website averages 95-100.
  2. Do you want to know how to get pages to speed of 100/100? Sooner I will make a post in which I will tell you how to achieve 100/100 in google page speed.
  3. You have to be sure that your website is loading faster.
  4. If required you have to adjust some plugins with an alternative. Because some plugins show incompatibility. Images should be loading faster, and your website should not make many https requests.

Backup your WordPress

  1. You have to back up your hard work as soon as possible. After setting everything just use Updraft plugin to create backups of your website.
  2. In starting days you will more likely to experiment with your website. To avoid any future issues it is better to take constant backup.
  3. There are a lot of plugins but Updraft is the best plugin for free backups.
  4. Updrafts plus creates a local backup as well as remote backup.
  5. Backing up WordPress is the most important thing you have to do after buying a domain and setting up your WordPress.

Email subscriptions

  1. Now, what is that? Email subscription is like subscribe button of the youtube channel. If you create your youtube channel, you will see a subscribe button associated with it.
  2. In WordPress, you have to create it by your own. You have to collect emails from people who visit your blog.
  3. Collecting emails is the one thing that you should do as early as possible. Using plugin as Hustle you can create the popup. Finally, these popups will be displayed to end user which will ask them to enter their name and email address.

Social Sharing options

  1. You have created your website, but don’t you want to share it with your friend?
  2. I know you will be creating awesome posts sooner, and people will be reading them also. Why not give people a chance to share your work directly from the same page.
  3. Yes, your posts can be shared to social media from your website.
  4. All you have to do is use the plugin as Hustle and set it up accordingly.
  5. Sharing content should be easy on your website.

Favicon and logo creation

Favicon is nothing but a small image in front of your website name.

For example open google.com. On the top of your browser, you will see the “G” icon. That is called a favicon.

Also, you have to create a logo for your website. Although it is a bit optional. But it is good if you have your own logo for your website.

Your logo and your favicon give a visual identity to your website.

6: FAQ’s on post domain purchasing actions

“Read it, If you directly scrolled here”

  • I have bought a domain name how do I use it
    • Use it in two ways. Either keep the domain name with you and list it on flippa for selling. If you have a great domain name then bingo. You can get up to 1000X the original price.
    • Use your domain name to set up a new blog.
  • How to build a website after buying a domain name
    • You need to find out which type of website you have to create. If you want to build your website from scratch by coding yourself then first build it on your local computer. Once it works fine on your local computer then upload it to your webhosting.
  • I have a domain name now what WordPress
    • Well if you have a domain name and you need WordPress then first purchase a webhosting
    • After purchasing webhosting you are supposed to install WordPress in it.
    • For complete guide read above info
  • I have a domain name but no host
    • Well, in that case, go with free webhosting. Free web hosting will not be a good option. So try making a blog on blogger.
    • If you want to make your own custom website then start coding.
  • Once I buy a domain name then what to do Next
    • After buying the domain, buy webhosting and install either WordPress or Drupal /Joomla.
    • After installation starts creating content.
    • But here is the catch there are lot more steps between it, so consider reading the above article

So these are steps you have to take after buying domain name.

Well, if you have not bought your domain name and planning to buy your next domain then use GoDaddy.

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