How to increase typing speed? Free Guide to improve Typing speed

Increase Typing speed

How to increase typing speed? and Learn how to type faster – Effective guide by Bhim Chawhan


Hellow writers, My name is Bhim Chawhan and I type with 90 WPM on average. I maxed at 105 WPM, which I think is a good speed on the type of work I do.

But wait, are you struggling to reach more than 30 WPM? If you are reading this post, then it means you really want to know how to increase typing speed? Also, you are serious about it.

How much time does it take to improve typing speed?

For smoother touch-typing, it generally takes 1-2 months. In this duration, you will get used to type the words without looking at the keyboard. Later you can increase your typing speed.

Generally, it is good to spend time on training individual keys with typing letters.

This stage lasts less than 3 weeks. You all fingers will be trained to type letters. Your muscle memories will start memorizing the key placement.

I will always say type slower but type correctly.

Generally, people rush with faster typing in initial days. The reason for this is because they have to type repeated letters. Even though you are typing the same letter again and again but your speed should be lower.

In a couple of weeks, your fingers will automatically reach specific letters. You won’t even think about placing the fingers on that specific letter.

After this stage, you will see the improvement in your typing speed.

Best Software to increase Typing speed

Offline software to increase typing speed

  1. Typing master (Windows

Online websites to improve typing speed.

  1. – Best typing website for practice after crossing 30 WPM
  2. – Best typing website for beginners
  3. – Learn faster with, easy guides

Stages of faster typing speed

  1. Learning how to do Finger Placement
  2. Typing very very slow – below 10 WPM
  3. Increasing typing speed to 20 WPM without looking to keyboard
  4. Increasing typing speed and reducing errors
  5. Becoming intermediate level typer

Increasing typing speed – A game of muscle memory

Typing speed depends on your muscle memory. In the starting days, you will think each time before pressing the button. As days will pass you don’t even realize that you have pressed the right button.

The more practice you will do, the more it will going to increase your muscle memory.

In initial days you will first think, then you will give the command to that specific finger, then you will press. In starting it is time-consuming.

But as days will pass, your muscle memory will increase. You will only see the letters. At the very next moment, you would have pressed the buttons already.

It generally goes from eyes to muscle.

How does it work?

You and your friend are coming from college to home by walk. Have you ever thought should you take left or right or which way will be correct?

Even when you will talk with your friend for the whole time while walking, you will reach your home properly.

That is because of muscle memory. In the same way, touch typing also works.

First, you have to train your fingers for a longer time. As the time will pass your fingers will get used to going to the same location as per training.

This has a compound effect. The more you train the more your speed will grow.

Hence improving typing speed depends on the training a lot. Typing faster is the game of muscle memory.

Training different fingers to type correctly – Step by step

How to increase typing speed: Training Index Finger

Index fingers have following letters for assigned for touch typing:

  • 4,5,6,7
  • RTYU
  • FGHJ
  • VBNM

Some people has issues with reaching numbers with index fingers. To solve this you have to change your typing posture.

Index fingers has the most letters assigned for typing. Other fingers has comparatively lesser letters assigned.

How to Type faster – Training Middle finger

The middle finger has the following letters assigned to it.

Left Middle Fingers: 3EDC

Right Middle Fingers: 8IK, (yes that is a comma)

Fast typing tips – Training Ring Finger

The ring finger has the following letters assigned to it.

Left Ring Finger:2WSX

Right Ring Finger: 9OL>

Improve typing speed – Training little finger

The little finger has the following letters assigned to it.

Left little Finger:1QAZ (` button) (CAPS button)(Tab button) (Shift Button) (Ctrl Button)

Right little Finger: 9OL> 0-= p[]\ ;’ EnterButton ./ shift button Ctrl Button

Keyboard finger Position, Finger Placement Tactics

Finger placement by letters
Finger placement by letters

Little and effective tips to increase typing speed

  1. Try to press space button with left-hand thumb (for a righty), It will increase focus by reducing the speed and you won’t type wrong words
  2. Some typing experts say, Use caps lock for capital words each time. This increases the efficiency of the little finger.
  3. Type 10 WPM with zero errors but don’t type 30 WPM with 5 errors.
  4. Typing wrong reduces the speed by 2x. First, you type wrong and then you will consume time in erasing it.
  5. If your fingers are small, try to type numbers using the number pad. This won’t be effective if your keyboard layout or dimensions gets changed.

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