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Infosys branches in India

Infosys branches in India: Complete list of all the office location of Infosys. Know all the infosys offices in India.

New branches and Locations Announced BELOW[2022]

Here is the list of all Branches, Know more about each branch Below

List of all infosys branches in India

Generally, these branches are abbreviated as DC (Development Center). There are almost 10+ Infosys locations in India

Infosys New Locations.

Here is the list of all the Infosys Branches /DC’s accross India.


  1. List of all Infosys Branches in India
  2. Images of all Infosys Branches / Dc’s –> SCROLL BELOW
  3. Detailed info about all Branches in Infosys as well as SubBranches

1) Infosys Branches As Per Cities in India

List of all infosys branches in India

2) Images of All Infosys Branches in India

  1. Infosys Mysore Branch
Mysore Campus

2. Infosys Hyderabad Branch

Hyderabad Campus

3. Infosys Mangalore Branch

Mangalore Campus

4. Infosys Pune Branch

Infosys Pune branch
Infosys Pune branch

5. Infosys Chennai Branch

Infosys Chennai branch
Infosys Chennai branch

6. Infosys Jaipur Branch

infosys Jaipur Branch
infosys Jaipur Branch

7. Infosys Bhuvaneshwar Branch

Infosys Bhuvaneshwar DC
Infosys Bhuvaneshwar DC

8. Infosys Chandigarh Branch

infosys chandigarh branch
infosys chandigarh branch

9.Infosys Trivendrum Branch

infosys trivendrum branch
infosys trivendrum branch

3) All Infosys Branches In India [As per individual Offices]- Infosys DC’s List

A. Main Dc’s / Branches

  1. Banglore DC / Bangalore Branch
  2. Bhuvaneshwar DC / Bhuvaneshwar Branch
  3. Chandigarh DC / Chandigarh Branch
  4. Chennai DC’s / Chennai Branch
    Chennai SEZ – Mahindra City
    Chennai STP
  5. Gurgaon DC / Gurgaon Branch
  6. Hyderabad DC’s / Hyderabad Branch
    Hyderabad SEZ – Largest DC
    Hyderabad STP
  7. Jaipur DC / Jaipur Branch
  8. Mangalore DC’s / Mangalore Branch
    Mangalore SEZ
    Mangalore STP – Very Small
  9. Infosys Mysore DC / Mysore Branch
  10. Pune DC’s / Pune Branch
    Pune Phase 1
    Pune Phase 2 – Largest in Pune
    Pune Phase 3
  11. Trivandrum DC / Trivandrum Branch

B. New Infosys branches in India / Small Infosys branches in India.

  1. Mohali DC
  2. Nagpur DC

Nagpur DC is opened Recently. This DC is expecting the housing capacity of 5k employees.

With the investment of ~425 Cr. on Phase 1, Infosys Mohali branch is now opened. The estimated land area for this DC is ~50 acres.

C. Upcoming DC plans / Upcoming infosys branches in India.

  1. Warangal DC – Hyderabad

There is no major information about Warangal DC, But according to news sources, KTR asks infosys to have a branch in Warangal.

D. Detailed information about all the Major DC Branches

  1. Infosys Banglore DC – This is the headquarter of Infosys located in the Electronic area. Bangalore DC is the most versatile DC of Infosys. Campus design is absolutely classic and perfect. It has all the facilities. Overall this DC feels like a resort.
  2. Infosys Pune DC – Located in Pune Hinjewadi. This DC has the best connectivity with gateways. There are 3 branches of Infosys in Pune. Each branch has termed as Phases. Phase 2 is the largest phase located near the Wipro circle. With all the amenities, this DC is loved by North Indians.
  3. Infosys Chennai DC – According to Infosys Chennai is the most profitable DC’s. It has two branches. One is in the Main city and another one is at Mahindra city, Paranur. In a general trend, people also do training at Chennai apart from Mysore DC.
  4. Infosys Mysore DC – Infosys Mysore is the best DC for most of the employees. It is the training Center of Infosys. Mysore DC is the best Infosys branch in India. Almost 10k trainees get trained here. Infosys Mysore is the largest training center.
  5. Infosys Hyderabad DC: Infosys Hyderabad STP is the most mature branch of Infosys.
    1. With a capacity of 12k employees, this is located in Gachibowli. Infosys Hyderabad SEZ is the largest DC for Infosys. It has almost all the facilities.
    2. Hyderabad sez houses, 25k employees. Recently, Phase 2 has inaugurated. This phase is expected to increase employee capacity much more.
    3. List of 44 facilities in Infosys Hyderabad SEZ.

Well, these are all Infosys and its branches across India as of 2020. There might be a possibility that a few more DC’s gets added in Infosys.

D. New Locations and Branches Added Below.

Address of Each Infosys Branches will be updated soon.

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