Infosys Hyderabad SEZ Campus Review. Infosys Pocharam

infosys hyderabad sez campus

Infosys Hyderabad SEZ campus review in detail. know everything in Details about Infosys Pocharam Hyderabad.

Good Morning my fellow readers. Today, I will be talking about my workplace. I work at Infosys. Currently, I am located to Hyderabad branch.

Reference: All branches of Infosys in India

Previously, I had posted one guide about Infosys Pocharam campus. In that post I have talked about the overview of infosys Hyderabad sez, address and navigation details.

Context: Infosys Hyderabad SEZ campus review and All about Infosys Pocharam 

  1. Location of campus, Infosys Pocharam Address
  2. Statistics about campus
  3. Facilities in Infosys Hyderabad SEZ campus
  4. Campus structure
  5. A typical day in infy hyd sez campus.
  6. Celebration and festival details.
  7. Employee vs Freshers life at infy hyd

Infosys Hyderabad SEZ Campus Review

Hyderabad SEZ campus is the largest campus by infosys.

Location of infy hyd campus. Infosys Hyderabad Address

HYD SEZ campus is located far from the main city. The campus is near to Ghatkesar in Pocharam village.

I came here from Mumbai. Over time pollution is increasing in Mumbai.

When I was transferred to HYD SEZ, The first thing I liked the most is the Environment.

Way back in 2017, This campus was the only megastructure in the Pocharam area. There were no PG’s or construction sites.

At that time campus was surrounded by greenery.

Greenary behind ECC at infosys hyd sez
Greenery, behind ECC at infosys hyd sez

Today, behind the ECC, some township is being constructed. That might have blocked the beautiful view from behind. But, overall the campus is super clean.

You will love the air quality in the campus. Nearby areas are also covered with trees and green fields.

Being away from the city, you will feel very calm and relaxed here.

Although due to some legal issues, one side of the main road is still not constructed. This results in a lot of dust in the air.

Overall, Infosys Pocharam campus is nature-friendly. It is best for those who don’t want to live in the city rush.

Statistics about Infosys Pocharam sez in Hyderabad

Infosys Pocharam is expanded in 430 acres. As of Nov 2019, It has a total of 25000+ employees working here.

Infy hyd sez campus is being created into phases.

Currently, Phase 1 is already completed with 15 buildings.

Phase 2 is in construction. Half of phase 2 is completed.

Building 17-18 are again masterpiece creation from the infy civil team.

This DC has been awarded as the best largest DC in infosys several times.

Celebrations at infosys sez hyderabad campus
Celebrations at infosys sez hyderabad campus

Facilities in Infosys Hyderabad SEZ campus. Infosys Pocharam facilities

I have already created the complete list of facilities in infy Hyderabad sez.

The above link covers almost all the facilities. But, I will include some more here.

This campus is a paradise for photographers. As of now, there is a solar panel area. That area seems very different from the rest of the city. If you will get the chance make sure to visit there.

infosys pocharam solar panel area
infosys pocharam solar panel area

This campus is so large that it has its own forest. With all the permissions, I went there for bird photography.

This DC has paid a lot of attention to nature. You will see greenery everywhere.

So, if you feel that this info is not enough about facilities, Then make sure to check the link above for complete 55+ facilities in infosys Hyderabad SEZ campus.

Campus Structure and Layout. [ Pocharam Infosys looks ]

Phase 1: From google earth, this DC looks very compact. Once you will visit here then you will be amazed.

Unlike other DC’s this campus has very different design. This campus feels like a reflection. Reflection of its half.

ECC building from Central area infosys sez Hyderabad
ECC building from Central area infosys sez Hyderabad

I have been told that this campus looks like a spaceship from far away (from a viewpoint in the infy forest)

Buildings are very tall and wide. Everything is placed near to each other. Unlike other Dc’s you don’t have to walk too much. Food courts are very close to your working building.

One thing I didn’t like about this campus is, places to sit. In the summer season, there is almost no place to sit outside the building.

In other campuses like at HYD STP or Bangalore, there are a lot of benches placed below trees. You can sit on them under the shadow in summer. But it is not possible in infy hyd sez campus.

A typical day in infy hyd sez campus. Life In Infosys Pocharam


Mornings are motivations and peaceful in Infosys Pocharam

Here, I will talk about normal shifts. Assuming you are lazy enough to make your breakfast. You will get up, and in 1 hour you will be at campus.

If you are living near the campus, then it is best for you. You will save a lot of time avoiding traveling.

You can have breakfast in the campus. While coming to campus you will be greeted by the greenery around the campus.

Everything here is calm and relaxing. You will reach happily in the campus. After breakfast, you can start your day.

If you are on the bench you can go to the library and read some books. There is zero bench for one who want to work while on the bench. You can roam in campus in the morning time. It is very satisfying.

If you are not on the bench, then probably you will go to your desk. Cubicles are spacious and very clean. You can drink green tea or many types of chai for free. Everything is available in the cafeteria.

Complete your work in the first half and have some chit chat with your colleagues.


Tring Tring, Its time for lunch.

Go to your nearby FC’s and have some food. You can go to walk after lunch (not in summer)

Come to the desk and complete your work in the second half.

Be sorted with work, and you will get enough time to do other things.

Ohk, feeling sleepy after lunch? Go to Dormitory and have some sleep.

The one who are sorted, they do many things in the campus. Like participating in events, photography, learn new things and lead by example.


Go to the GYM at 5 PM. If you want to play outdoor games, go for it. I like cricket ground very much.

Wide open cricket ground
Wide open cricket ground, Pocharam campus in infosys.

Some people go for snacks at this time. Roaming in campus sometimes acts as a stress reliever.

Go near ECC and sit on the stairs. Have a peaceful time at your workplace.

In summer it is best to be at the desk(#ODCair :-D)

cricket groud in infosys pocharam
Jogging Track around cricket ground at infy hyd sez campus

In the evening few people go for a workout, few roam in the campus. Some people like to eat at this time.

Now at 6 PM, come to your desk and complete your work. If you want to study then do some certifications.

Make sure to leave before 8 PM.

If you want you can have your dinner at the campus. Finally, the day ends before 8 PM.

Few people leave by 5 PM. It all depends on you. You have to complete avg 9.30 hrs per day in the month.


You are flexible with office timings. You can eat, workout, take a bath and even sleep here.

If needed, you can roam in campus, have some photographs. Sometimes, you can participate in many of the events. Generally, You can learn many things.

And finally, you can have a very good experience at the infosys Hyderabad sez campus.

Festivals and celebration in infy hyd sez campus

Do you still miss college life and festival days? Well, this campus got it covered.

From dance to plays, fashion shows or photography. There is a club for each hobby and interest.

Usually, in each month or once in three weeks, you will see any of the clubs doing their activities.

For example, a photography club HYD LENZ organizes photo competitions each month. The dance club or Play club will perform their act.

This DC also witnesses time to time DJ parties. The last DJ party I remember was organized before Dussehra.

Dj Parties at infosys Hyderabad
Dj Parties at infosys Hyderabad nightlife

On special occasions, vendors from outside arrange their stall in the campus. Like stalls for T-shirts, toys, food, keychains, TV’s, mountain bikes.

These stalls generally obey the theme of festivals. According to festivals, these stalls sell stuff.

We celebrate festivals as well in the campus. For example, On Holi day, the facilities team organizes color for employees. We celebrate Holi in the campus. Color is usually herbal so no worries.

Holi Celebration infosys hyderabad pocharam
Holi Celebration at infosys sez hyd campus

On Christmas day or Diwali day, different clubs organize their performances.

Christmas at infosys sez hyderabad
Christmas at infosys sez Hyderabad

There are many initiatives taken by DC’s level people to improve the campus life of employees.




Dedicated celebration zone in the campus for celebrations

Celebration Zone in infosys sez hyderabad campus
Celebration Zone in infosys sez Hyderabad campus

Employee vs Freshers life at infosys hyd SEZ campus

You might be wondering, what is the life of freshers in infy hyd sez campus? Do freshers enjoy more? How it is different from a normal employee’s life.

Well, here is the catch. For freshers, This campus may seem a little boring.

Unlike the Mysore campus, this campus is not great for freshers. The number of employees are more in this campus as compared to freshers.

In Mysore, the Majority of people are trainees. Also, the campus is solely created for trainees. But the infy hyd sez campus is more suitable for permanent employees.

Due to fewer numbers of freshers/trainees, you will feel bored. Again, if you like a few people around, then it’s good for you.

Best time of year in Infy hyd sez campus. 

It’s Winter!

After the Monsoon, everything will be totally green. Surrounding greenery will amaze you.

Enterance of infosys pocharam campus
The entrance of infosys pocharam campus

You will roam more in campus in the afternoons. The cold breeze will cool down your mood.

Unlike summer, you will enjoy more in winter here.

At the workplace, everything is physiological. If something can boost your mood, it is good for you.

I like this large, pollution-free campus very much. It has almost all the necessary facilities. Considering the necessities of general life, I can assure you that you will enjoy working in this campus.

View from infosys ECC hyderabad
View from infosys ECC Hyderabad

As compared to 2017, Now the infy hyd sez campus looks much more beautiful.

People here, are strategically planting and trimming the trees. Now, this campus looks much more mature.

Phase 2 of infosys Hyderabad sez campus. Infosys Pocharam phase 2.

Phase 2 is all about grand. I had got the opportunity to visit phase 2 buildings. The corridors were so large and airy. Cubicles are way better than phase 1.

infosys hyderabad sez phase 2 photos
infosys Hyderabad sez phase 2 photos

Buildings of phase 2 are well decorated from inside. High-quality furniture and tiles were used in the construction.

View from phase 2:

From phase 2 you can see the whole campus. infosys forest looks very amazing from phase 2. Behind the campus, there is a railway line. Here, you will love to shoot B roll.

Finally, phase 2 food court. This food court is way better than the food courts of phase 1.

You will like a sandwich and juice in this food court. In fact, KFC is also coming to Infosys. #cheers.

This was all about infosys Hyderabad sez campus. I hope you liked this information.

I will update this page regularly with new information. If you want to ask anything, comment below.

Let me know, which part you liked the most about this campus?

Good Bye.

Festivals at infosy hyd sez campus
Festivals at infosys hyd sez campus

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