James Web Space Telescope – JSWT (My Dream to see beyond Hubble and Early Universe)

JSWT james web space telescope

James Web Space Telescope, we all know what is it and what it is capable to do. The only thing which everyone curious about was WHEN? It was delayed by more than a Decade and all it did is increased my curiosity.

But finally it is about to launch on this saturday (24th December). I am extremely happy about it whenever I think about it. And on one fine day(Today) I wanted to express it as well, hence this article, although very short one.

Even though I know what JSWT can do but watching those animated videos, those commenteries, reading the its capabilities, again and again just makes me feel Just wow.

Forget the minute technical details, you all should be curious about what it can deliver. And how its a giant leap on see the universe beyond Hubble range.

Hubble which was in Low earth orbit, and highly affected by Earth raditions and magnetic fields, despite that it delivered greated and most beautiful images of the space.

JSWT is away from earth by million miles sitting on lagrange 2 point with its giant mirror away from the any disturbance, OMG, this is the most ideal condition for the telescope receive a signal. But the best part about JSWT is the worst part as well. Because its a one way journey and there is not rescue operation as hubble, so more than 200 deployement operation and every step should MUST work 100%

Can you belive those gian foldable mirros and foldable sheets which are there to protect the disturbance in the signal received by JSWT.

I can’t stop talking about it, but need to give a rest to fingers and the exceitement.

So, ending this Article and waiting for the Christmas Eve 24th DEC 2021. At one side JSWT will depart for the its journey away from earth, at same time I will be departing from home to a Must go in a life destination which is on everyones travel list.

So this was Bhim Chawhan. Thanks for reading the article. See you on the next one. Till then Cross your fingers and wait for the Launch and successful deployement of James web Space Telescope. Dream is about to turn reality.