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5 June 2024: What an election it was and results were announced. No one got what they wanted. An almost neutral results. UP was on fire, Ayodhya results were expectedly unexpected in certain way minimally (refer my 4-5 Feb update) + a lot of NV’s. The narrative war was much stronger. What question one should get about their contituency? does it have infrastructure? does it have jobs/money making opportunities? No one clearly knows what ayodhya lacked? Anyways The people bought the best narrative presented possible. Its on Parties that how, and how much they presented. Let Bharat develop to the fullest whoever leads. But too much instability in cabinet definately burns time and confidence.


BJP – Need to be clear with Mp’s, Narrative, Confidence and ground level monitoring of opposition. (And many more can be added)

INDIA allience – All good just keep your intension good for people rather than working hard for seat. So better stability and repeat.

People – Vote for immediate contituency development-25%, personal benefit – 25%, national development in terms of policies,defence and few more -25%, 25% your own custom value(eg.Ram mandir)(these are my breakdown). But Majority of us is tend to vote ~100 to any one of these value.

Learning 2 – Must go and vote. atlest 70-75% voting gives a far better insight of people.

Election commission – They are having their learnings already.

Well many things can be added or expected to update based on further understanding. Generally this long content should to be shifted to other page.

10 May: Forget About Long list of Pending updates Here. Excited to Share resumption of A Green Tea. Its showing results as miracle.

—–>>>>Few below updates are done on or after 10May (will add soon — Added :10May)

General Elections – The Biggest Highlight of the year, Happening in full swing! Non Stop AB-OPI-DoP(JP) – 10 May

3 May – Inertia and Increasing Divergence !!! – 10May

April <–!–>> May

3 April – TimeBound Lightning! Wake up S(K)id! – 10May

XX-XX – Shadow – Mainfestaion- Reality – Beyond. – 10May

22 Feb – You know it but can’t ignore it. Unbelievable! – 10May

4-5 Feb – Ayodhya Visit – Mixed Reactions. Went with high hopes, Got mixed reaction, Felt like PR ( first impressions though.. may be due to lack of old reference or Hype by Media on Dev. might add few lines)Edited :10May)


29 Feb: A leap year and it’s been 4 years since 2020. Halfway to the decade and sometimes it feels like we are not even started with this decade.

28 Feb: streak is in making of being the most and busiest day of year since 2023

13 Feb- Finally Dormamu, I have came to bargain. 8 years back to April 2016… equilibrium of front 1.

Also Its the valentine Week. and the conincidents. lot of….

Also the Alderlanine Month. OH my! what a Start. A classic 2023! With rewamp.

All the Best!!!

27 Jan 2024: Yesterday Bharat celebrated its 75th Republic day. Yeh ek Amrit mahotsav ka parv tha. Aesa pratit aur mahsoos hua ki 22 Jan ke karykram ke Karan 26 January ka mahol ek Aupcharikta lagi.(may be like a league match after World Cup match). May be boht bada aur bhavya aayojan aur advertisement Kiya ja skta tha. (May be trimmed to shorten)

22-1-2024: Feeling of completeness. The other celebration, The Historic day of our life, and the one of the greatest and a glory day of Bharat.

Jai Shree RAAM!!!

22-1-2024: 16.37 pm. The whole day will be written in the history books. There a lot to write, but I can summerize in one line is,

Today the center of the universe is “Ayodhya”

22-1-2024: 16.30pm. Unforgetful moments at 12.29 – 12.31(84seconds). Sharir me ek urja ka prvah, The seconds of the lifetime. A Day to remember to those Seconds to Remember, totally unforgetful. W’ve witnessed the marvel of Indian Adhyatimic sankriti and golden time of india.

Jai Shree Raam! Prabhu ke Pratishtan ke samay ki urja ko vyakt karna asambhav h!

22-1-2024: The date of the Decade or might be centuries.

Words are very less to describe the happiness and the wholeness of India, Hindu and world.

The whole nation is celebrating the event.

Ofcourse the epicenter is Ayodhya.

then Uttar Pradesh, then India and then the world and at Cosmic level it’s the earth, solar system (e1) and milky way till the infinity.

Jai shree Raaaaaaam!

19 Jan 2024: Highlights

Birthday, Dhiman Engagement, Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, 26 January, welcome Varansi!

19 Jan 2024: First images our Ramlala arrived. Jay Shree Ram. What a week this turning out. Filled with Anand and devotion. Celebration have increased. and Everyone is standing for same cause: RAM!!

We are becoming the PART OF HISTORY.

8 Jan 2024: Ram!!!🤗💞 Ayodhya 💖

Ram, Ram 🥺! Jay Shree Raam, Jay Siya Raam!!!

Rama Rama, Japte japte.

1 Jan 2024: Welcome 2024, Happy New Year. Lets begin this year.

2024 : Updates above

31st Dec 2023: Finally one of the most eventful year comes to an end. Started with NV’s and ending with NV’s

(updated on 1st jan2024)

Nov 20- And we missed the psychological Anchor event. Team India. Just imagine the timeline if India would have won. The seperation the anchor point the afterlife. 2019 was must needed but 2023 was critical.. but what if….!

Nov 5– This world cup is historic. Each game is becoming the bloodbath of opponents. “And the supposed requirement is no more needed”.

Keep living each moment of this cricket world cup. What a year this is. 2023. Totally historic.

Oct 12,13 – Great! (Updated on 14)

And October Begins— The last phase of 2023

Oct1: A day with Nilambari.

24 Sep: A sample return from an asteroid. Engeneering and Maths at its best. Finally touchdown of osiris – Rex’s Sample module. Congratulations to NASA. This is historic for mankind. We artificially bought something after billions of km journey.

23 Aug: What A day. In few mins. Chandrayan 3 Landing on Moon.

18.10: Ahhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We landed on mooon, a soft landing, on a south pole of moon, first nation in the world….

Congratulations India, #ISRO

19 Aug: World photography Day. (NSU)

15 Aug: Its Independence Day. Well two things.. First its 77th one. and second.. (coming soon) VD may be.

8 Aug: 1st Sunday of August, The Symbol of connections.. The heart beat. Friends(R)

14 July – And here we are…. Back to basics… SPACEISRO

Today india will begin its journey toward the moonfor 3rd time. Our ISRO’s flagship mission Chandrayan -3 will launch/take place on 2.35PM today (14July). It will be incredible and proud to see the successful touchdown. Lets do it India x ISRO.

27 June – Forget Other updates. Here is something big on its Way. Google Gemini AI. Hell Yeah!… This is looking lit!! I mean seriously.

9 May –

One of the most important video for the health understanding

April 29

In one Word, OMG – literally OMG. This year the logging is very low considering how massive things are happening. This year is gonna be big. Its April only 4 month and already seems like 4 years.

Logging here newer to older

  • 29 AprilPOLT – Got a chance to revisit POLT. And few areas are really a PEACEMAKER. Literally words are not enought to describe it because I can’t write the feel.
  • TA’s and FA’s Some Great lessons. Going down
  • D Restoration is a rollercoaster. And fulfilling if it happens after closure.
  • 1st April – The soul of Grandma Departed to eternal life.
  • SF2.0?????????? When????????????? just .1% Remaining the PreSF. Sometimes it feels like Its happening. (Working on base)
  • ChatGPT – Mentining after 4 months.
  • Year full of Travel – (was out of town ~50% of days till April 29) ~55Days/~120Days
  • March – When the gap between mates became 0… Cheers!
  • Rotation Started—- Brace for impact. Cooking is in progress!!!!! Dormamu I have came to bargain with a DEVICE

(This is the most compressed update, and missed many of them here, might add overtime)

March 14 – Brace for impact

March 11 –

Done with Bramhastra, well the certain elements(VFX) will definately going to co-relate with project DW. And from vfx wise Brahm. was epic. In a nutshell 2 highlighting similarities will going to be there.

March 6 –

OH Boy What A great energy To start.. Along with those 4 starter.. Lets start but just one thing. and that is PSF2.0. Almost done with PSF2.0, Closest to complete it.

Feb 28: finally The end of longest winter of life. Also ended the 2nd and last excellency. The last node.

Winter of 2022-23 was like historical while being happening. (updated this half line at 6march)

Feb 15 – Never Cancel Your travel plan if you are not certain about going it. Cancle only if its absolute definite and not possible to go.

Feb 6 – Its possible, but now its not worth it. Let it Go(5Feb). The biggest deciding date of the Decade(+). (might delete this). This can be reversed if newton’s 3rd law of motion gets activated but still chances are below 50% from the main acting body MB.

Jan 16 – This is turning out to be the longest winter of my life 😉 and yet there are weeks left.

Jan 13 – OMG literally missing tons and tons of updates… few imp ones are drafted but didn’t posted. Posting as well as modifying few past updates.

Happy Lohri, and PG’s are back.

Jan 3 – New year and some missing posts.

Chandigargh – A place where for the first time in life got confused with NEWS :-D:D

In PRSF2.0/ at SF1.99999 completed.

.0001 is becoming PITA 😀

2023 : Updates above

16th Dec 2022

Want to Watch Avatar 2 with best possible experience but…

IMAX IMAX IMAX…. fuck but where? I am from mumbai. and there are many IMAX screens in mumbai. But the true IMAX experience is still not known.

I have watched youtube videos of literrally every imax, and all I have seen is the fucked up vlogs with very poor quality and also no details online about the the imax screen, photos, dimensions.

If IMAX is the way to experience the best cinema then atleast there should be an archive to get the details.

IMAX 3d 70 MM with laser project and 10.1 surround sound and very big screen size(can’t say the dimension may be equal to prasad imax). Still waiting to have IMAX screen with this configration in india. PRASAD was last hope but still on it.

But literally those irritating vlogs/ and videos on imax review, BAND KARO.

12th DEC 2022

A Decade has been completed since 12-12-12. It was a very long journey. Some meaninful stuff, some useless stuff. A period of with lot of lessons and inputs. There are lot that can be mentioned and output for this day was different. Currently just keeping this short, And in upcoming time there will be susbstantial references.

But anyways 2022 has been one of the awaited year in terms of only the year number and allignments. And obviously buying hosting for 2 years kind gives a relaxed vibe. for the current and next year as well. Well I think this much sort is fine. Is it time to step into the most awaited?

Well as per date, yes! but in terms of all, 1 thing(task) is pending. But I think from today onwards there will be official but gradual start of the Safar 2.0


12-12-22 14.44PM

2nd Oct – And the Oct onwards phase starts.

8th September – England Queen Elizabeth Dies, big event. A legend and legacy for England. A person whoe has seen the Mamoth History, A transition of Modern Humanity and having access to all the latest tools tech amenities of every era since this last 100 years. Can I say she was the 1st person of earth in terms of accessibility of the things available at every point of time since 1926. Eng ruled us so saying poisitives might attract negatives but if you see in isolation she was the legand and legacy. I mean we are talking about Queen of England. Long running present pauses today and now its going to history books and will be remembered as the greatest past for the people of england. and to a world a, it will be like person associated with long running history with humour, many more and legacy. Mixed to say but Rest in peace.

The Queen of England



But Indian warriors will always be the Greatest above everyone.

14th Aug: The best place to be present on 75th Independence Day of India – Delhi

Multi day visit- lets experience this and also go through PreSafar phase before 2.0

12th August: PreSafar2.0, – Toward north – 2nd visit to delhi. (updated on14th aug)

11th August – Pre-checks phase 2.

Unofficial begining of Safar 2.0

A mere coincidence.

7th August – POLT accomplished! End of ERA ! One of the most iconic date. Just 3 mins into the end of the

Literally end of an Era!

and Surge ++ (30th July) – O

30th July – One of the most important Date. Infinite INE power surge (image archive)

28th July – POTL is history now. 100%

26th July – Two imp events. (updating on 28th). POTL

9 July 2022: Exp1 – Doubtful Info in isolation, but masses are covered,30M and exist, discussion done. AudiN platform Check1. Imp to update due to CRN.

4 july 2022: Didn’t updated few. Although this one is pfffff.

20 june2022: 1 out of 5 things got announced by road man today, which was already created/updated at 17 Apr 2020 by mrb()…. (#SR ppa)

15 jun: Brahmastra, I hope things inside it will be different then what will be implemented later as a part of Project *dw* which should not be called as plagiarism. From trailer it feels like few things might match with Project and concept of *dw*. Fingers crossed. And holy moly that VFX team is what awaited for,.

May 12 – Google new Emersive View, This will going to take maps experience to the new level.

May 10 – Many updates are pending/skipped as working on POLT.

Major1– Well its here, Avatar 2. The masterpeice about which in 2009 I thought it will be released in next 1-2 years thinking James will not going to do this again what he did with Titanic i.e. 10 years of break. But it seems JC is breaking his own records and various generations are getting born and raised between his releases.:-)

Major 2- JWST, I mean just see the clarity, and the resolution. this is nailing it.

1- What was hard, tough and selective about 2dec 2021 to millenials, is became very common among GenZ and other Gen. (multiple instances)

2- Xeroxing without paying// is double-standard/bs even refusing it at time of confrontation. (refersFeb7)

April 4 – Not updated from many dates, starting with one of the Iconic one.

Covid 19 related curbs has been lifted from all over the india. Its an iconic day and took almost 2 years to reach this point where situations is so much in control that this decision was taken. Although covid appropriate behariour should be followed. So can we say start of Endemic?

22022022- Feb22 – An extremly rare palindrome+ Ambigram date. What a date to be witnessed. On this day, At global level, Russia has declared two more contries from Ukrain, to which USA marking as Start of Ukrain Invasion. (will this go to history?)

Feb13:(draftedupdate) Keep your main windows in separate physical drive. or dual boot in different physical drives partition.(another place for techreferences or lessons?)

Feb 10: DJI banned. Foreign Drones banned? Why I am writing this here? Well it links to appx year 2006. Will it be possible for me this time?

Feb 7: A lesson which may lead to some fraction of things to future. ctrl +

Feb 6: India lost its GEM. Legacy ended , she departed to heaven. Didi Lata Mangeshkar a true gem. Really her voice was her identity. But she was more than singer. She carried a legacy and history. From 1929-2022 every generation loved her. Her songs always melted the heart. Ae mere watan, Lag ja gle, yashomati maiya se and many more jewel.

Kash yado me jaan hoti to, awaj dekar bula leta Lata ji wapis aa jaiye – dharmendra

Feb 5: Too frequent? Initially thought to update very less but is it becoming too frequent here .?.

2 – The Archive – ()B Log

Feb 4*: Fiber is the key.

Feb 3: Apart from my love to Google maps, I felt something from Google maps photos which made me to stick to it. A lesson which I learnt from Google maps and TP which correlate with youtube and 2 other platforms as well.

But there is difference of Feeling (added after sometime)

ADR (E186-200D)

Feb 2: Don’t just wait for organized start. Mostly it will lead to procrastination of perfection and organization. Created xzy(M…..R) at 2.25AM

(On hold due to POLT )<– updatedthis on 20th june.

26 Jan: It was for the first time I have seen some real footage of indian independence.

Video ended with my eye filled with tears. We had suffered a lot and Partition itself was lot to take. Freedom and democracy is what our indian brothers and sisters died for.

23 Jan: Its been almost 6 years with and I feel it is still one of the best free service for real time sattelite images. #StartYourDay sometimes With

  • 7 Jan: OMG, I mean OMG, I only imagined what if I knew 30sec of future… Well due to system error platform lagged in a way giving a room to act as per total 15 min of future movement. Didn’t used this opportunity instead spent on whats wrong going on. pssttt.

  • 7 Jan: I hope this months payroll repo will give much needed spark. (23jan updated- nope it didn’t helped)

  • 4 Jan: Goa is the land of youngsters.
  • 4 Jan: Although updating it almost after 1.5 years. Moment when you realize closure is real and this what you must have been missing. Closure is a full stop to eternity.

2022 : Updates above

  • 16 Dec- Not a clear Signs

Sometimes TA’s didn’t makes sense and all you need is FA’s & spark . #waiting

  • 3 Dec 2021 – How about E’s gettings R’s

  • 2 Dec 2021

6-7 years ago were dealing with worst and impossible payment gateways, but its great to see so many of them added recently. I mean for indian there are almost 7-8 gateways are present on THE platform.

———————————After very long and with very less updates thought to update here more frequently in very short form—————(this line is added on 26th jan 2022)