2 NM chip from IBM, Moores LAW on track, 50 Billion Transistors with 4-day battery.

2 NM Chip from IBM

Recently IBM had announced its 2 NM Chip or 2NM Transistor Processor. IBM had always been on edge when it comes to innovation in processor technologies. In past they have successfully developed smaller transistor size first in the industry.

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In 2021, also they got one more milestore for 2NM chip.

As per moore’s law, in every two years transistors size on Chip should be doubled. This will make sure processors get faster and more energy efficient.

This law was kind of not got followed since 2017. But as IBM’s Latest announcement, this is coming to track.

Features of 2 NM chip from IBM

  1. It is expected to Pack as high as 50 Billion Transistors on the same chip size.
  2. Energy efficiency is expected to go above 40-70%
  3. For smartphone users their smartphone batteries can last for upto 4 days with same capacity
  4. Power consumption is going be reduced drastically whereas performance will going to increase substantially.

As of now these are the basic details which have been came to public. Although 2NM for consumers will going to take another 1-2 Years.

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