First post : Back to blogging

MrBhim Chawhan

Hi this is Bhim Chawhan (MrBhim). Finally after 4 years- feeling happy to back to blogging world again.

It was a roller coaster journey for me, I mean living in tech without expressing or talking about it is the hardest thing ever.

Well, am I the only one who left the blogging for several years? and again coming back to blogging? I missed a lot to this beautiful world of WordPress and SEO, keyword and more than this teaching cum sharing the information and spreading the knowledge.

Its been a long time inORGnet was started but after completing 8 successful months it went down. I think cash demonetization was the culprit 🙂 kidding

What is inORGnet?

Can you tell me- why this weird name inORGnet? hint : It has a tricky meaning.

Well, I have started this to express the spread the knowledge within and share the meaningful information which matter the most.

Tagline: Knowledge that matters!

What you can expect here?

  1. How to get job done in technology and general life
  2. Important News ( Politics, Tech)
  3. Health and fitness.
  4. Blogging knowledge cum journey
  5. Photography

As of now I can think of only these topics, In future we may spread wider spectrum of knowledge/experiences.

I think, This is sufficient enough for first post, a basic overview.

Let’s get started.

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