Hostgator India Review 2021 – Pocket saving Webhosting, Cheapest and Best?


Save your money by 50% with the hostgator. How? Read this Hostgator India Review and decide is this what you were looking for with your first Webhosting?

With hosting companies like HostGator India, Bluehost or Ipage who claim themselves as the best webhost for your website, you need to find out the best from them.


Many years ago I was in the same situation, Reading various blogs and forums for knowing detail about each hosting.

But Why?

Because we care about our penny before spending them on the internet.

After reading almost 50 blogs I have finally found one blog after which I didn’t read anything.

I quickly bought my first hosting and I am happy since then.

Today I will make sure that this post will be your final post to read about the web hosting decision.

Hostgator India Review 2021

 A comprehensive guide for choosing the best web hosting for your first blog.

The previous year was awesome for 50k new customers attracted by Hostgator India.

It feels very safe when you have a hosting like Hostgator India for your brand new website.

Hostgator India review 2021

bhim chawhan


Today I will do #3 things in this post in which 2nd & 3rd are most important for you.

  1. I will give tribute to Hostgator India for the nonstop continues Hosting server which powered my site in previous years.
  2. Second I will do Hostgator India review 2021 for complete understanding. And yes I will make sure you understand each technical term.

But here’s the kicker,

3rd I will tell you why you should go with Hostgator India.

Hosting Tribute to Hostgator India

I started my blogging journey with hostgator India. Since then I am stuck to it.

I know this will sound crazy but, I demanded a refund in the first month of the hosting, just to know are they truly what they say about the money-back guarantee.

You might be wondering what happened next.

They deposited all of the money in my bank account within 5 days.

Since then I made sure not to leave Hostgator India.

Best of all,

This hosting stood like a warrior even in the server breaking traffic from Reddit. (Sometimes 1000 visitors in 10 minutes.)

At the starting days of my blogging days, my website went down and I was like OMG! what to do?

I emailed hostgator India’s customer care and they replied in 7 minutes saying that they upgraded their name-servers.  Immediately I should also do the upgrade to prevent downtime.

So, thank you “hostgator India” for your

  • 99% up-time
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Blazing fast support.

Hostgator India Review 2021 – An in Depth complete information

You might be wondering,

What is the important aspect to look at while buying the hosting?

I will tell you everything,

But I don’t want to include the high-end technical word and useless analysis of host providers since you are the new blogger and I don’t want to see you confused.

So lets continue with our review….

The most important Aspects While buying web hosting are,

  1. Uptime
  2. Response time
  3. Customer support
  4. And Price!!!

These are the most critical terms in hosting to which you have to keep in mind.

Understanding Hostgator India’s UPTIME: The first concept in hostgator India review 2021

In other words, uptime is like the amount of time your server was on and running and giving a response.

If your website is run 24 hrs a day then its uptime is 100%.

So did you understood?

Yes! Uptime is something like how much time your website is live without any failure, without any downtime and error.

You know what,

Hostgator India said, “We have 99% uptime which is standard in the industry.”

But I got 100% uptime for my second year of hosting.

Usually, 100% doesn’t feel so real hence on the average node they said 99% uptime.

In my experience

Here’s what happens in that 1% time?

Security upgrade, server maintenance, critical updates are done just to make sure your website gets 100% power when your visitors will come.

With 99% uptime, you don’t have to worry about your first and most important blog by using which you will be going to make money.

Google loves those sites who are having continues uptime like 99%. And it sends traffic to your website which ultimately gives you money in the end.

Reviewing uptime of HostGator India

So What are the benefits of having such a high uptime of HostGator India?

  1. User satisfaction
  2. Google satisfaction
  3. Professional image among other bloggers.
  4. More chances of making the money.

But that’s just part of the story…

What about response time? let’s see

Hostgator India’s Response time: The second concept in Hostgator India review 2021

Response time! what’s that?

No problem,

I will tell you.

Response time is time taken by your hosting service to respond to you back.

Technically it is called latency.

Imagine if your hosting company’s server is located in United States.

When your customer will type the address of your website the request will go to the united states. And then the response will come.

Not good!

Many servers are like that only, located in foreign. And when you go with those hosting companies you will get less response time.

No wonder you will feel happy when I say,

Now, Hostgator India’s servers are located in INDIA ITSELF!!!

Don’t you think this will be beneficial for you?

It’s true,

Importance of Local webservers.

And here’s how I will explain to you this thing in just 1.3 minutes.

As I said when your web hosting servers are located abroad then the request has to travel a long distance just like your flight, and when the request reaches it also takes some time to reach back to you.

But when you have web hosting servers located near to you then?

Then it takes very little access time.

For example, It will take so less time to travel the request from Lucknow to Delhi if your web hosting servers are placed in Delhi.

So what’s the advantage?

Google loves Fast websites that have a fast response time.

And If you can make google happy you will be happy. Since everything is all about the game of search engine ranking.

Worth to mention,

That even you and your friends also like the fast website, Which gets loads fast.

And This is why Hostgator India is more popular than

Because They placed their server web servers in major cities of India. like Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Therefore, faster response means low ping time

Hostgator India’s Customer Supports: The third concept in Hostgator India review 2021

You know what,

It sucks when nobody is there to help you when you require help.

According to Hostgator India “We have 24/7 support ready for you”

But that statement has to be tested.

I have previously reviewed HostGator back in 2015 and-

Over there I have given how my friend is able to get customer support as low as  in~15min when he was having the problem with his website.

What you will look, when the name customer support comes?

You will look for the response time of the support staff also are they really replying to you?

Hostgator India’s customer support is well known for his response time.

What is better than having the chat and help from native stuff who can understand you even better than those foreigners.


The first thing is- generally you will not need customer support because things go too smooth to have trouble.

Similarly, the second thing is- even if you fall in any trouble then they are happy to help you

Generally, I will help you as much as possible before them.

Hostgator India’s web hosting price: The fourth concept in Hostgator India review 2021

It is true,

That everybody wants free service without spending money.


Blogging is business and it needs investment.

You might happy to refer the free Webhosting providers but ultimately it will end up losing your time and effort.

Free hosting is good if you use if for testing purposes.


When it comes to making money online you definitely need the professional stuff.

Hostgator only costs 299rs/month but you definitely want it for one or two years.

Generally, 5800rs seems reasonable for one year, but what if I say you can get it in Rs. 3500/year

On special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, things go as low as 80% off.  It means you can get your hosting for only 1800 Rs – 2000 rs.

But they come only in one year.

But I can manage a 40% off only for you if you sign up now.

This is a very limited offer so you have to make an action as quick as possible.

You might be having one question that should I really buy this hosting or do an investment?


I want to ask- Are you passionate about blogging and making the money from it?

Why hostgator India?

Hostgator India is best for you. There is no doubt that you don’t want to miss this web hosting.

Generally, I don’t talk about other web-hosting companies while doing the review.

But this killer features requires to mention some companies.

Even Hostgator India is best,

It is only one host company to provide net banking in case if you don’t have a credit card.

I think one of the game-changing features of the Hostgator India over other hosting like iPage, Bluehost, WPEngine is this net banking only.


You can pay them via net banking in 1 min.

According to a survey done by me in Delhi- approximately 95% of people who want to join the blogging don’t have a credit card to pay for hosting.

And HostGator India becomes their maiden choice for hosting.

So, You can make your own blog within a minutes- if you can buy a web hosting company pack.

One time I was getting a 65% discount on and at the same time 40% discount on

You will be surprised,

even by knowing that I have to sacrifice that 65% discount because of no credit card.’s

But later I came to know that I made the correct decision by choosing the Hostgator India.

Since I was getting local servers within India with the fast response time.

In my experience,

These were the most important criteria to look in a web hosting.

Apart from these killer features, Hostgator India also has some notable features like

1) Automatic backup:

This will take automatic backup of your website and make sure you don’t lose any data of your money-making a website.

2) CDN

It is a content delivery network That provides fast delivery of your website contents.

Currently, Hostgator India is linked up with Cloudflare who is super professional in the industry. My website gets supercharged with the CDN.

In other words, you have to pay for the CDN separately but with HostGator India, you will get it for free.

3) Automatic Scripts installation: up to 50 scripts.


You can install WordPress within 50 seconds.

but What if you want to create an e-commerce website or other social media type websites.

With the use of those scripts, you can even make your own social media platform or dating website in 2 minutes.

4) SSL support:

You want privacy and security and HostGator India will provide you that.

Your customers won’t feel any security issues while buying stuff from your website.

Everything is made secure so that you won’t feel any security issue while making the money online.

But this is not the end,

In Addition, you will get Google AdWord credit worth 2000Rs for free.

I mean can you imagine?

You will buy your hosting in Rs3500 and you will get 2000 bonus so ultimately you only paid 1500rs for one-year hosting.

This is crazy.

You will think about why I need Adword credit?

When you make a new website It will take some time to appear in google search engine.

but with the google adword, you can advertise your website in google search results for your choice of keyword.

This can able to bring few hundreds of customers to your website in the first few months itself.

If you will choose low competition topic for your blog then advertising on that topic will get a high ranking(generally #1) in google.

Make money with Hostgator India affiliate program

However, apart from spending money on hosting, You also can generate some income by this affiliate program.

For instance, you can register yourself for Hostgator India’s affiliate programs which will pay you as someone will sign up using your link.

  • 1-5 sign up= 1250 RS/signup
  • 6-10 sign up= 1650 RS/sign up
  • 11-15 sign up = 2250 RS/sign up
  • 15-20 sign up=2500 RS/sign up
  • 21+ sign up = 3000 RS/sign up

Above all mentioned bonuses are constant from many years, And there are no issues with payouts.

Concluding this hosting Review

Why you should go with Hostgator India- Final words.

You have been with me from the last 15 min and one thing is sure that you definitely want some help and valuable piece of advice from me.

And I have done it for you.

I explained to you- what are the key features of choosing best web hosting via this REVIEW.

Now you know what is good and bad for you and your first blog.

Also, I told you why investment is needed for gaining something.

And explained how Hostgator India is the only choice of newbie bloggers who want to do serious blogging.

Hostgator India web hosting company has all the features you want from the web hosting company.

Similarly, with the HostGator India, you will get fast, cheap, supportive, secure web hosting which will definitely make your blogging journey awesome.

In Addition, you will get 2500 bonus as adWord credit to which you can use for promoting your website.

So what’s the bottom line?

I told everything to you.

Now it’s your time to step in and take action. Already you have spent your valuable time researching the best web hosting for your website.

In conclusion, Hostgator India is perfect for we Indians.

Click on the link below and make this mighty hosting yours.

Hostgator India Special Offer for new customer

Click on Above image and get 50% OFF 

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