Hostgator India Review – Live Reports – Screenshots Below


Hostgator India Review – Only for Indians ( 100% better than Hostgator US)

Purchased – 2 Dec 2019 In Black Friday Sale

Moved from to Hostgator India

Why I purchased Hostgator India?

Warning! Dont go with Hostgator India, if you are targetting indian traffic is Horrible. Its is horrible for Indians. I thought to promote and in return I can get $65 per sign Up.

But you know what, I just don’t want to do it. Because for Indians it is not worth buying. Specifically for those who are expecting indian traffic.

Only 3-4 days with hostgator US, I got frustrated with the ping time and website speed.

I threw lightest theme possible which generally scores 100/100 in google pagespeed.

But with that theme as well, Hostgator US was giving me average 78-80 Score.

When I threw Ecommerce theme. You know what? My scores went dead with average score of 10-15.

But when I was doing ping test for my server, I was getting A+ Results.

Ping was awesome for US, Canadan, Europe. But not for India.

Because servers were placed outside india.

Finally I decided to cancel my Hosting plan and immediately purchased Hostgator India.

Lets find out which is the Best webhosting for small businesses in India.

Hostgator India Review (2020) – Live Reports

I will be updating the performance and challenges face by this hosting over one year.

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First Week with Hostgator India (December 2019) #HostgatorIndiaReview

What went right with hostgator India?

  1. Setting up SSL was snappy, only two clicks (unlike hostgator US)
  2. More than incredible customer support. Quick response in 10 Seconds. ( Supported upto 1.3 hrs)
  3. Quick Loading webpages, and

What went Wrong with hostgator India?

  1. Lots of errors while accessing file manager (Using Https solved the error)
  2. Http Error 500 (only for a minute or less)

What I didn’t liked about hostgator India?

  1. Dashboard after logging in. It was very poorly designed, Although cPanel is easy to use.

Hostgator India Performance Review: (December 2019)

Lets find out How is my webhosting performing with local servers?

Hostgator India Ping time
Hostgator India Pingtime

For Chennai – Pingtime is 2ms (Thats Increadible)

Fyi, for Hostgator US, pingtime for Chennai was 350ms.

Pingdome Results for Hostgator India hosting

Page speed Performance for Hostgator India

Website and Webhost Performance score for desktop

WebHost and Website persoformance score for mobile

Even with Ecommerce theme and loaded with Plugins and high quality images, this shared webhosting managed to score 81 on google pagespeed for mobile.

Also It go wooping 96/100 on desktop performance.

For comparison, Hostgator US was getting 10-15 score for same configuration.

Hostgator India Support Review: Quick

As Usual fast and reliable support. Resolved my querry in 5 minutes. and got the response in no time.

Hostgator India review: Security and Support

Finally, Thanks to hostgator for built in virus scanner and support over mail.

I quickly came to know about the malware and took the appropriate answer.

Although I got a warning as well, but that is better than removing account from hosting.

Reviewed till Dec 6…. Subscribe for full live updates.

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